Thursday, September 18, 2003

Equilibrium to one

What is love
What is truth
What is me
Woe is me
Great tiger
Zebra stripes
Game theory unto others
Feel the loss of fee fie foe fum
Dumber than dumb
Has the battle begun
Equilibrium to one
Never for some
Mine please
Walking trees
Battleships on trips
Skis without knees
Lies without knowing
It's white
Tongue and groove
Drive from the back seat
Polly tweet
Red meat
Pound of flesh
Catch fish in the mesh
Wearing a pretty dress
Catch the apple
Spiral of nails
K’s castle
Absurd to a tea
You and me three
To be or to be
Corpus callosum
The broken router
Cleaning is endless
Becoming forever
Dreaming with popcorn no butter
You don’t understand but I’ll keep trying
Honest to dogma
Let go of the grip
Let her have a sip
Lets take a dip real skinny
Dry solvent plastic bag
Rhyme beaten melodious feel
Steal the wheel
Deal the hand but use the bard’s cards