Friday, October 12, 2007

Desintegración en la danza del granero

A moment of time where trying to stop
Allowed us to see something had started
Speaking of why we shouldn't
Allowed us to hear why we should
The empty feeling of separation
Demanded reunion
The cold concrete below us
Became a warm roadside huddle
And so the end was the beginning
Of constant reminiscing
And continual evolution

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Matters of Trust

I have a strong attachment to people who matter to me.
Very few people come along and bring about that feeling.
When someone does, I start to fear the return to living without that feeling.
Most of my life has been lived without that feeling.
I get lost in the fear.
I forget what made them matter in the first place.
I begin to fear that I chose for them to matter.
If I don't trust my own feelings,
How can I tell myself I am capable of anything even resembling

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

More Questions?

Do you ever question your motives?
Do you ever wonder if it is right or if you just really want it to be right?
Do you ever let what feels right to you matter more than what might be right for another?
Do you have trouble being without trying to be?
Do you know what you want?
Do you know how you feel?
Do you know why you feel?
Are your desires fueled by fear?
Can you ever be certain of anything?
How do you act in the face of uncertainty?
How do you trust with so many egos involved?