Sunday, August 22, 2004

Gone till November

I'm refueled and restocked for a while. I moved the remainder of my MP3 collection to my laptop and finally installed a reasonable player. I downloaded the blog incase I need to view it offline. I fixed up my bike and gathered a few odds and ends to keep it operational. I picked up a box of love that I didn't think I would need before. I grabbed a few books but couldn't find the one I thought I needed. I brought a few misc. items for a friend, nice to be thinking of others for a change. Found some papers so I don't need to buy any. I fixed my email problem. I went for a run and packed my shoes. I took a long bath and stretched my back. I washed some clothes and addressed a little grease stain. I chatted with my bro about how relationships don't get any easier. I thought about owning a car. I thought about November. I'll be gone till November. I gave and received lots of hugs. I thought about the concept of best men. I rested. I explained my meditative approach to allergy management. I learned a tomato, peach, and basil salad. I ate fish. I talked about reconnecting with the past. I remembered that the inspiration of a moment can last a lifetime. I repeatedly chose not to follow my mind down negative thought lane. I relaxed while exherting myself. I used pedal power. I spent under $20. J'ai parlé en francais un peut. J'ai pris mon larousse de poche. On départ vers cinq heures. Salut.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Found in Translation

Why do we attach value to the opinions of certain people in our lives? How do we select who will be a part of that inner circle? It seems to me that it is not a concious choice. I just find myself caring out of the blue. Not a desire to fight against or manipulate an opinion but a desire to understand one. I'll show you my perspective if you'll show me yours. I feel something right now that I have not felt in quite some time and it scares me a little. I'm definately enjoying the ride, I'll elaborate later.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Intern Army of One

So I got the internship. I'm here in Sterling, Ontario near Belleville working at a little organic farm that runs a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program and a B&B out of their hundred some odd year old field stone home. There is plenty going on here. There are currently two other interns and three WWOOFers. The owners are British but were running a lodge at the base of Mount Kenya for many years before they came to Canada. We start early in the morning but after lunch at 1:00 the day is mine to do as I please. Obviously the pay is not great but an income at least. The food has been fantastic, the conversation enlightening, and I am currently surrounded by beautiful women. I discovered that my host and two of the WWOOFers are Vipassana veterans which is a nice common reference point. There is plenty of home made wine going around here and just down the lane I discovered a somewhat hidden patch of green. That might be fun. I'll be here for another thirteen weeks, then who knows. I'd like to maybe get a job at a ski hill for the winter. Not sure how easy that would be or how soon I will need to get that going. I need to get cracking on the book. I'm just happy to be employed. Hope everyone reading is doing well.