Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Perhaps Tomorrow

I awake with a quiver inside
A whisper of attentive vibration
I am too tired and busy to listen
A whisper of preventative insight
I roll and turn away in search of peace and rest
A whisper of orientation and direction
I rouse myself with obligations and habit
A whisper of fresher possibilities
I remember that I forget to remember
A whisper of a deeper connection
I listen as best I have known
A clamor of thought
Perhaps tomorrow
Perhaps tomorrow

What the means means

The means is the end.
The means is the end.
The means is the end.
The means.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Where is the deficiency?

Is it always over there
Is it always in them
Is it ever right here
Do you scream at the emptiness and bombard with echo
Do you create a void to fill another
Are you aware enough to triangulate
Do you think to know
Do you know to think
How does it feel in between already and eventually
Conservation depletion
Quenched at the source
Catch it happening
Under your nose
Spectral analysis
Full of yourself

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Every Day

I feel invisible threads disolve
and discover ones I didn't know.
I revel in beautiful weakness
and bring a new flow to bare on
previously concealed rough edges.
I am my shackles to undo.
I say what I believe to be
and know it is untrue.
I do what I emote is right
yet absolutely wrong.
I push and pull what I have built
or resisted building strong.
I hold, I grip, I turn away
yet bare to watch myself.
I face, release, I watch and play
It happens all at once.
The centre and eternity;
The now and evermore before.
I'm quite and rightly certain
what will happen is in store;
Is profecized in legacy
and predicted by the next
The former previous to come
is never always now.