Monday, July 19, 2004

Corporate Monoculture

Some days I sit here waiting for something to grab me. Some witty little paradox or pun or twist of words. I imagine making people think. I dream of being a life changing catalyst. But then once again my far reaching thoughts return to their usual preoccupation; themselves. Thinking about thinking about thinking about thinking... Makes me think of a Van Morrison lyric that goes something like "I love to love the love that loves to love..." I'm feeling a little bit of deja ecrit. Getting back to it; what is a worthwhile enterprise? I waned to discuss corporations using some religions metaphors. Employees are like clergy, customers like the congregation. If you didn't believe would you want to be a priest? If you didn't believe would you go to church? Maybe a military analogy would be better. If there were multiple armies and you were free to join up with any of them would you make the decision based on how much they paid you, what your responsibilities would be, and the liklihood of success in war or would you make your decision based on what they represented, what they fought for? Blah, blah, blah. People, politics, business, religion, family. Why do I think about this stuff? Why do I think about it here? I made black bean and sweet potato stew for dinner, it was tasty. Hempola? I wonder what Woody is up to right now.

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