Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Core Values?

Diversity of cultures, ideas, perspectives, genetics, species, ecosystems. Variety and dynamism (Uniformity and variability in space and time).
Intimacy with ourselves, others, nature; with the source of what we use and those affected by our actions. Closeness and familiarity (proximity and frequency of connections)
Awareness of thoughts, feelings, experiences, creations, capabilities, limitations; in ourselves and others; now and throughout history. Breadth, depth, and concurrency (scope and simultaneity of consideration).
Honesty to oneself and to others. The whole truth. Sincerity and transparency (Communication and availability of information).
Cooperation of mind and body, of people, of groups of people, of humanity and nature. Harmony, acceptance, collectivity (nature and purpose of interactive behavior).
Equality of all living things great and small. Balance and universality (Availability and accessibility of resources).
Beauty as the intangible awareness of quality. Aesthetic quality and the sublime experience. (The objective and subjective perception of balance and proportion of core values).

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