Thursday, July 14, 2005

Every Day

I feel invisible threads disolve
and discover ones I didn't know.
I revel in beautiful weakness
and bring a new flow to bare on
previously concealed rough edges.
I am my shackles to undo.
I say what I believe to be
and know it is untrue.
I do what I emote is right
yet absolutely wrong.
I push and pull what I have built
or resisted building strong.
I hold, I grip, I turn away
yet bare to watch myself.
I face, release, I watch and play
It happens all at once.
The centre and eternity;
The now and evermore before.
I'm quite and rightly certain
what will happen is in store;
Is profecized in legacy
and predicted by the next
The former previous to come
is never always now.

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