Sunday, August 14, 2005


You stare at it waiting to see it disappear but realize that it only changes. Morphing from one frequency to another. Moving a little deeper and a little to the left. Old and new. One becomes many and every now and again many becomes one. The realization of what is not being felt is as interesting as what is takes hold. Waterfalls out of your hands and feet, mostly feet. Let it flow, let it flow. You exist in the peripheral. You feel the fear of the unknown mystery in your solar plexus and witness it turn to a deep respect. You stop breathing for a long moment without holding it; a simple act of unwilling. So much sensation all at once. You don't move your attention but expand it; grow it; let it. Envelop. A flame roars up your spinal column and the backdraft flows down the backs of your legs and swirls across your shins before it trickles over and around your feet. Connections: Toe to ear, neck to back, finger to chin, shoulder elbow blade and belly. Synaptic sync. Your eyebrows tense and tingle while waves of energy flow across the surface of your skull and down your back. Your mind remains calm and aware. Life dances on and within and you are awe.

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