Sunday, August 22, 2004

Gone till November

I'm refueled and restocked for a while. I moved the remainder of my MP3 collection to my laptop and finally installed a reasonable player. I downloaded the blog incase I need to view it offline. I fixed up my bike and gathered a few odds and ends to keep it operational. I picked up a box of love that I didn't think I would need before. I grabbed a few books but couldn't find the one I thought I needed. I brought a few misc. items for a friend, nice to be thinking of others for a change. Found some papers so I don't need to buy any. I fixed my email problem. I went for a run and packed my shoes. I took a long bath and stretched my back. I washed some clothes and addressed a little grease stain. I chatted with my bro about how relationships don't get any easier. I thought about owning a car. I thought about November. I'll be gone till November. I gave and received lots of hugs. I thought about the concept of best men. I rested. I explained my meditative approach to allergy management. I learned a tomato, peach, and basil salad. I ate fish. I talked about reconnecting with the past. I remembered that the inspiration of a moment can last a lifetime. I repeatedly chose not to follow my mind down negative thought lane. I relaxed while exherting myself. I used pedal power. I spent under $20. J'ai parlé en francais un peut. J'ai pris mon larousse de poche. On départ vers cinq heures. Salut.

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