Sunday, October 30, 2005

I am the Wind

Anticipating gust and gale
Knowing when to trim the sail
Flowing on the crest of time
Trying to evoke sublime.

I am the Wind, I am not me
I live by watching myself see
Allowing now to feed what will
While letting full to self refill.

Valuations of the past
Firmly set can be recast
Not by implement of rule
The Wind, not I, must be the tool.

Duality must reunite
Abandoning the flight and fight
By being present and aware
Mindful now and everywhere.

The will can only be a guide
It cannot force a change inside
It is a branch and not the root
It must surrender absolute.

This Wind is not a thing but all
And understanding is too small
To comprehend in just one place
The entirety of time and space.

I am the Wind, I am not me
This experience sets me free
Pride and Fear have me undone
But not when Wind and I are one.

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