Thursday, December 08, 2005


It's almost that time of year for me to remind myself of what I know and refresh the faculties of insight. My yearly Mecca which started at Suttama and continued at Surabhi is looking to be at Dhara this coming January. Submitting the application is part of a clarity that is coming over me. Perhaps I will once again walk the walk that I so love to talk.


CAY said...

I wrote in an email that you hadn't posted anything lately... but it seems untrue. Somehow I missed these postings.
Good to know you are still finding unfettered moments in which to reflect.
You've inspired me to start my own Blog...It is, however, undeveloped as of yet.
Happy Holidays

CrowMagnum said...

meant to write you something but my address book is at the office. Lots of hypocrisy here in Oakville Ontario. Reflect away and hook me up with the URL.

CAY said...

In Brampton... Hypocrisy is my neighbour and my friend... and so are you.