Friday, February 23, 2007

Fresh pain

Focus on fresh pain
(Not ancient pain as a child
instinctively fearing primal sensation,
Not old pain as an adolescent
fearfully reacting to recognized experience,
Not new pain as an adult
reactively clinging to familiar habit,
But fresh pain as wisdom
impartially observing
the impermanence of body and mind,
the ignorance of certainty,
and the cyclic patterns of existence)
For just beyond awaits reality.


WillOTheWisp said...

Have an Alter Ego these days at

under the alias KK.

Where are you these days?

CrowMagnum said...

Denmark, training in renewable energy for a few months. How's life? Just learned about the Royal Enfield diesel cycle from an Indian visitor, what do you know about it?

WillOTheWisp said...

Its got a top speed of about 80 kmph ~ 50mph. Low power ~ 6-7bhp.
Good fuel economy ~ 40+ kmph per litre of diesel. Know a chap who had it some years ago.

Its not a bad deal if you want to travel around the countryside at a casual cruise speed, esp in India.

I possess a Yamaha RD 350.

WillOTheWisp said...

In fact, as I recall it, it gives upwards of 60+ km per litre, which ought to be pretty good actually.