Sunday, June 27, 2004

Saturn Monkeys

OK, so I`m back in the city. I have taken a break from my travels to help my mother move. I have been meaning to update this thing with stories of my adventures but realized that recounting the intimate details of my life is not typically what I do here. So this is what you get instead:

When confronted with new situations do you have a tendency to rely on a crutch to get you through? Do you fall back on an old behavior pattern? An adult version of thumb sucking or a security blanket?

When trying to sleep on a bus, train, or plane do you allow yourself to become frustrated that you cannot get comfortable and cannot fall asleep or do you make your goal to be as relaxed and peaceful as possible given the circumstances.

If you believe that it is more important to be open and listen to other perspectives rather than forcing your own and you meet someone who you consider to be closed and unable to listen to other perspectives wouldn`t it be best to practice rather than preach and lead by example.

Hitchhiking is a wonderful life lesson.

Your life when considered without a boundary is probably not sustainable. What are you doing about that?

Where are you in your Saturn cycles?

Do you try to medicate or understand your pain? If you can`t feel your pain do you believe it is gone?

Do you know how far you can walk in eight hours? Could you walk for eight hours?

Are you a culture/philosophy/religion of many or of one?

Do you believe in possibilities beyond your belief or do you believe only in your belief?

How do you define success?

Do you know who you are or only who you think you should be?

Do you always get what you want or do you only want what you know you can get?

Are you fighting for what you believe or against everything else?

Try not to think about monkeys for five consecutive minutes.

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