Thursday, June 03, 2004


Dinner was nice last night. The owner of the café was not there so I’m not sure if we got the truly authentic version of the meals we ordered. I was roped into eating chicken, the texture of which seemed like it was canned meat. Marcelle looked through my WOOFing book and gave me some advice on where I should go next. She told me that she is no longer going through Moncton so she is going to drop me off in Fredericton instead. I’m gong to stay at a hostel and think about either heading out on Saturday or Sunday for Moncton. Marcelle and I had some great conversations and I found myself opening up to her and sharing some intimate details of my childhood. It was really nice. This morning I headed out early so that I could have breakfast at Gene’s and avoid any unnecessary curiosity. Today we weeded, rock picked and planted some sunflowers. Jordan left at lunch. In the afternoon we planted some chives and then I helped Matt replant some potatoes for a little experiment of his regarding mound height and girth. I cut my fingers a little while cutting some tin for garden signs. Marcelle came by to pick up the whole foods coop supplies for her house and asked if I was coming by tonight. I told her that I was probably going to be staying here to take care of some business with planning, packing, and whatnot. She was not happy but had a difficult time expressing it. She’s no Annabelle. I got an email form my mother today asking if I could be home to help her move at the end of June. It actually fits into my plans quite well. I hope she’s OK. I was thinking about smoking and drinking at various points today. I need to observe these feelings, I’ve got a lot of them going right now.

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