Tuesday, June 01, 2004


I kicked the power cord on my computer and lost the fist version of this post. What can you do? Last night we all went over to Sally’s place for burritos and beer and were entertained with a tour of her farm. She has like three hundred acres and raises chickens and turkeys, grows apples, oats, and hey, her son runs a small paint ball operation, she has a small maple syrup setup, and she has a red pine log cabin on the hill for the view. I left early to hangout at the old stone mill in the marsh and watch the beaver lodge for some activity. There was none, but there was some good company. When I was walking in to work this morning my sort of boss here drove by and gave us a lift. She looked at me sideways and asked how I had gotten out to the Simms house so early in the morning. I told her there was a transporter accident. Today I spent a lot of time with the new WOOFer Jordan. He works for something called Katimavik or something like that. He is very inquisitive and we had a good conversation about life in general. I’m feeling a little low right now, haven’t quite put my finger on it just yet. I think I am having trouble with my inability to connect with these people in the way I believe I should or the way I wish I could. I’m just having trouble accepting myself for who I am and that makes me less than myself. I don’t know. As with my work here I have planted a lot of seeds but have yet to see any growth. All the action remains below the surface. There has been a lot of talk around here about the last frost on the coming full moon. I think I will be happy to be done with the frost for this spring.

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