Friday, February 25, 2005

Left the Coast

The first leg of the road trip is complete. I made it from Vancouver, BC to Barrie, ON in five days; not so bad if I do say so myself; and averaging 100 kph. I only slept in the car one night. The drive was fantastic; mind and body riding the crest of a little red honda wave hand in hand. I experienced a wonderful cleansing journey. I might give the play by play later but for now: Beach Ave. goodbye, pothead hitchhiker, Frazier valley beauty, Arizona in BC, Rockies bathed in moonlight, Cranmore info center nap, Calgary in the wee hours, Tim hortons nap til sunrise, sun drenched plains, A&W nap til mid afternoon, Thai in Regina, Hostel to myself, clean and meditated and ready to go early, that's it I'm not going back to Winnipeg, deep cold, halo around the moon, frozen waterfalls at midnight, Thunder Bay hostel at 2am, oatmeal at the truck-stop, the town of Marathon on the coast of the largest great lake: "It's superior in the long run", Finally some blizzard, Trout in the Sault, a hotel out of time, highway 69 baby, cottage country from the other side, almost out of gas, Mommy!!!!!!! That about sums it up.

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