Monday, November 10, 2003

Lame Seal vs. Golden Duck

You just need to figure out the controls. Feedback latency, hysteresis, steady as she goes. Impact, do you have any? I've been drinking these Goldenseal and Echinacea drinks, it tastes like honey and water. Good for the immune system and the gut. I think I prefer to go with the Cherokee over the white man drug money machine. All things aside, it's a nice thing to insert into a day where monsieur duMaurier once might have been the primary song and dance man. Hydration is good too right? "The goldenacea honey floral hydration libation." Dot com. Run with it. I have a buddy who believes that my gift is writing autobiography titles. I prefer the broader stroke of the monaker "Gifted Epigrammatist" (nota bene just because a gift is still sitting under the tree (or wrapped up, in the bag, under the pillow ... (three deep :) )) doesn't mean that you can't talk about it). Sounds like some sort of verbal gymnastic mathematician. "I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major General" recited Barney while pouncing through an impressive sequence of reverse handsprings. Watched a bit of Clash of the Titans today, just the Medusa part. Medusa means "sovereign female wisdom," in Sanskrit. It means snake haired turn you to stone lady to me. Didn't Scrooge McDuck take her out anyway? Maybe Gyro did, certainly not Launchpad McQuack. OK, I made the lame duck connection (just like that show connections with James Burke(knowledge web? I'll have to come back to that) time for bed. Sweet dreams kids.

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