Sunday, November 02, 2003

Thujone Hangover

Pubs, bars, clubs, restaurants, the mountain, the street, the city, the picture show, the people, the friends and the absynth. What a weekend. "Good times, good times." I was quite drained today, slept lots even though I said that I shouldn't. I think I ate enough yesterday to cover the week. Not exactly a weekend of moderation. Do you think if I went back to the mountain she might be there? Mmmmm. I heard some stories about some of the guys I used to work with, still glad I quit. Got some reinforcement for the meditation thing, I should call and see what happened with my application. I forgot to pick up my passport last week. I paid extra for faster service and then forgot to go get it. I feel good. Must be the thujone hangover.

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