Friday, January 09, 2004

The Boundary of Chaos

Becoming more than you are. Learning how to learn while learning. Learning how to teach while teaching. Learning how to be while being. Mother Nature asked me if I was with her or against her. I watched this show on PBS about the discovery of the DNA double helix. If understanding were all we were up to I might feel alright about it. It's the manipulation I have issues with. People argue that we shouldn't play god. Mankind has been playing god for a long time, genetics is just a new divine appendage. I used to love to argue with the religious that God is just a creation of mankind to explain all the things that we can't explain. A word to abstract away the infinite complexities of the universe. We can push the boundaries of human knowledge forever, but the boundary will always exist. Did I already mention the infinite complexities? The thing that troubles me is that our actions impact both sides of the boundary. We'll be able to discover and fix today's mistakes with tomorrows developments, right? Sounds like a temporal pyramid scam to me. Entropy taking life on a U-Turn. Don't flap your wings too hard little butterfly.

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