Friday, January 09, 2004

Inner Management

If my mind is responsible for certain things than it must be managed. Well managed of course. I can't just let it run wild. If there is time where my body does not need the services of my conscious mind than I should either rest it or put it to good use. Random use achieves neither rest nor goodness and has a tendency to distract the body from its own work, rest, or play. Once you set the mind free from the shackles of external expectation you find that you have a raging bull on your hands. Taming the beast requires the use of ancient yet poorly understood reins. The Vulcan nerve pinch would be handy every now and again. Perhaps the skills of a snake charmer. The CEO just issued a memo: All pondering on the meaning of life, humanity, and self are hereby postponed indefinitely for the enjoyment of life as we know it. Dance, song, and ode will be the only forms of communication permitted. Please do not sneak back to your computer during bathroom breaks or your participation level in the festivities will be reset to newbie.

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