Saturday, January 10, 2004

Ode to the Third Port

So trying to use the built in self diagnosis and repair system on the built in self diagnosis and repair system itself can cause latchup. Think microphone listening to its speaker. You have an exponential positive feedback problem. So how do we get around this? Well, not connecting the input directly to the output but rather to a point some distance away from the output so as to keep the gain of the system below unity might help. The signal at that point will be out of phase from the actual output and will result in resonance. If we can observe this resonance without disconnecting the self diagnosis and repair system loop we have created than we may be able to diagnose and repair the system itself. This requires some sort of third system port. Steping outside of yourself to tweak the mixture, calibrate the machine, or tighten that loose screw without stopping the machine. You have to be in two places at once. Biofeedback just outside of the source of self. The CEO isn't going to buy this as being an ode. Newbie.

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