Friday, October 17, 2003

Blah blah blah

Friday already. Hmm, no plans for the weekend just yet. There is a film/alternative media fest going on in town these days, maybe I will try to find a screening to bask in. Work should be a little less physical today, I'm still a little drained from yesterday's marathon in the warehouse. I believe my buddy's guardian (you can interpret that as girlfriend, wife, mother, jailer, lord, tsar, owner, or whatever) is out of town so he will be reformatting his home as a house of ill repute and tempting me with all sorts of nefarious activities. Maybe I will head downtown and just chill somewhere with a book. It's starting to get cold, not sure if many more reasonable walk outdoor days are left. The homeless in this city must be tough as nails. I wonder if I could hack it.

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