Wednesday, October 15, 2003

A swim in the shallow end

So what were we talking about tonight? Was it life? I think so. I know so. What is my non-selfish art. Motorcycle maintenance, can I just tinker around? Choice, choice, choice. I have to quote something I wrote "the oscillation above and below too fast too slow too profligate too meek too wacky too neat the rim and the seat her pill and my meat the performance and the treat the ones that you meet the spray with the deet delete" that's what I mean by the ringing. Octane. "eat the dime of my symbiotic absotronic phase induced field of wave dynamic proportion to the apex trough intersection" more on the ringing. "with a smile and a pre programmed bullshit contingency planned response that is your hash table of a personality and you believe in it like it was your world of worlds nonsense obviously to me at least" on the mask. I don't remember it all. I mentioned Camus, I mentioned Pushkin, I mentioned Hamlet, but with out backing it up with thought it was like dropping names. Quote the book? Quote the book of me why don't you. Was that you me or me you or you you or you me? Drop it on the table, put it out there, let it run free. What ever you wanted it to be. If my genes don't live on then let my memes take perpetual hold of all thinkers to come hereafter. Memetic systems, is that all we are? Does it converge on the answer, or is just asking the question enough? Time to come up for some air. But first; Camus for my favorite word, Absurd; Pushkin for unrequited love returned(trust me); and Hamlet for my own personal allegory.

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