Wednesday, October 29, 2003

four hundred and fifty one degrees of bacon

Yea, I signed up. Or at least I requested to be signed up, not sure if I will get into the November class. Ten days. Maybe I will do 2.3 courses. I saw the end of "Starman" tonight. I loved that movie when I was nine. I was a real idealist sci-fi loving dreamer in those years. They made a TV series out of it, loved that too. It had the guy from "Airplane" in it. Seeing Jeff Bridges made me think of "Altered States" (even though that was William Hurt). Then I was thinking that the Starman was a similar character to "K-PAX" although it was Kevin Spacey who played the similar role. Downloaded this program called MindSync. It allows you to layer low frequency (<10Hz) waves ontop of noise, sequence these waves to gradually progress through various alpha and theta wave patterns to aid in guiding you through relaxational or meditative states. I tried the "first time user" sequence generation flow and it was a good time. I will not link to the tool here until I verify that it does not induce seizure or some deep subliminal need for human blood. Who wrote that? Must have been Mxylplyk, he stands on top of the computer with his own personal Dan Marino mask (cut from the cover of my orthopedic surgury Magazine handout) inside of a Budweiser coozy. On our internal cooperative system and the blood brain barrier: "beat beat beat beat there are four in every one you know when the cells get together they beat no boss just beat keeps the heat there is a blood pulse in the head too what does it do does it help with time to keep and to rhyme can you sense your blood i’m cold for food just a little rush please" , on nothing much really: "franklin and the french arguing about kites troglodytes in tights four hundred and fifty one degrees of bacon period" .

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