Sunday, October 26, 2003

Have you ever?

Have you ever just wanted all your obligations and the expectations of the rest of the world to turn off for a day or two so you could just relax in peace?

Have you ever realized you were dreaming while you were dreaming, woke up, and spent the next hour trying to get back to the incredible place you just left?

Have you ever thought about the infinite repercussions of each and every choice you make in a given day?

Have you ever wished you could consult the transcripts of your thinking voice from any point in time since you were born?

Have you ever realized that there is a lot more to your thought than the constant blather of your thinking voice?

Have you ever experienced your own duality by not being able to stop thinking about something that you didn't want to think about?

Have you ever met someone who takes everything you say as a criticism directed at them, even when your comments are purely general, abstract, and without purpose other than perhaps to have a good laugh at life?

Have you ever been honest in an attempt to have a good laugh at yourself?

Have you ever had an argument with someone and then witnessed them having that same argument with someone else but this time taking your side and using your arguments?

Have you ever thought of something that seemed profound but then you decided that someone else must have already thought of it?

Have you ever lied in bed wondering about the theory of relativity thought experiment about the twins where one flies away at near light speed and then returns to earth to find his twin much aged relative to himself (Consistent inertial frame of reference makes it make sense)?

Have you ever thought about creating an evolvable system that could eventually rival the human intellect?

Have you ever wondered how the progress of science and technology could bring purpose to human existence?

Have you ever questioned this thing called free will and thought of yourself as a machine that simply obeys the laws of the universe?

Do you think, decide, then choose or do you choose, think, then justify?

Have you ever made a choice and chosen not to justify it (I guess you might have to chose not to justify not justifying it too. I think this algorithm could lead to an overflow)?

How often has your fear been justifiable after the fact?

If you don't believe in the system is it better to change it from within or to make a new one? Will the new one gradually become the old one? Does a new system imply conflict whereas modification of the old one implies growth? Does abandoning any system abandon both the good and the bad in that system? Can you abandon the system? Must we avoid all discontinuities as these require infinite rates of change? What about new systems within the system?

Have you ever followed every tangent of thought along a path so far as to forget where it was that you started?

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