Friday, December 05, 2003

Breakfast Shortcuts

Good morning. So the adherence to protocol ended last night with a little wine and a few beers. I was thinking about alcohol and how it relaxes that stress in my head that I have been unable to relax on my own. That makes it dangerous because it gives me the illusion of getting what I want with minimal effort. It is especially dangerous because that thing that I want, inner peace, is finally a worthwhile goal to strive after. Hmmmmmmmmm. Saw the Northern Pikes last night and was enjoying some of their lyrics. I had some good discussions regarding the potential perils of the corporate backslide. I like the ex-girlfriend metaphor for my old employer. I referred to the call from my old boss as a booty-call last night. The possibilities are endless. I have a massage scheduled for this afternoon. It isn't going to be the typical Sweedish style, I'll tell y'all about it tonight or tomorrow.

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