Monday, December 22, 2003

Captivating Conversations

I went to a Hip-Hop show over a year ago in Boston (Mr. Lif if I do recall) with a girl I was in love with, her roommate, and a male friend of hers. I didn't care much for this friend of hers but tolerated him for her sake. He wasn't enjoying the show and at one point when I was getting into it and the lyrics were talking to me, he started talking to me. I chose to be polite and tolerant. Afterwards I felt as if this guy had stolen a moment of my life from me, but I let him steal it. I realized today that I am often guilty of stealing moments of my own life from myself. My internal thinking voice talking away to his favorite captive listener. I reminded myself today that I can sing or hum with my thinking voice (something akin to Homer Simpson's constant state of mind) without making a sound. It may seem childish, like covering your ears and singing loudly when you don't want to hear what someone is saying, but it may prove useful in situations where it is socially unacceptable to sing or hum out loud. Peace.

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