Friday, December 19, 2003

Unfilter the Stream

Just watched All I want for Christmas with my little sister. It was funny seeing Ethan Embry as a young helplessly awkward actor as opposed to an older intentionally awkward actor. I liked him in Empire Records, Vegas Vacation and Can't Hardly Wait. Well, the movie was the classic get your divorced parents back together at Christmas flic. I never lived that dream. I knew early on that my parents were never getting back together. Why does Hollywood have to rub my face in the image of their ideal family. Why am I letting it bother me. Why am I letting it really bother me. Why did I pretend that it didn't bother me for so long. The good parts about the movie were that the reason the parents had divorced was the father had quit his yuppie lifestyle to open his own diner and that little Ethan fell in love with a very beautiful young girl. She reminded me of a few girls I knew and love. There is so much going on over here that never makes it onto this page. I miss my stream of consciousness days. My brother-inlaw has this buddy that they call "Filter" because he doesn't have one. I envy him sometimes. You don't need a filter if the stream is already pure.

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