Thursday, December 18, 2003

Peripatetic Closure

Finished reading ZATAOMM. I realized what a perfect point in time it was for me to have read it. It reminded me how key Plato was in confirming the validity of what I was experiencing. For some people I have talked to it has helped to incite the quest in them. I am going to use it to help me push it forward to practicality. There were many analogies that I drew from characters and events in the book to myself, my immediate family, and things I/we have gone through. I also like his take on mental illness, a view I have been pondering. If someone were to ask me today what Schizophrenia was I would tell them it is a word used to describe a set of symptoms. Too often I see us reacting to our classification of a person, rather than to the actual person. They are just words! So I have this urge to get into motorcycling. I realize the metaphor but the open road is calling. As is the west coast. I had convinced myself before that San Francisco was where I belonged. That was because the personification of my soul was in San Fran. Keep the soul personification to your poetry, trust me. Soul mate is fine, just make sure you find your soul before you try to find a mate for it. That should be part of the marriage license test. Vancouver could be interesting. I should write my own allegory. Pirsig liked his smokes, coffees, and beers on the road a little too much for me to fully believe that he really cared about his motorcycle. Mine would be a little more holistic. I wish I started this blog in January. I guess I have to keep some secrets from my readers.

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