Monday, December 01, 2003

Meaty Diaper

Maybe I should have been chronicling this thing consistently at the end of each day but whatever. Feeling good this morning. I still have the old wake up at 6:00 am thing going but that was happening before I started this thing. My nephews stayed over the night before last and when they woke up yesterday the youngest had decided to remove his own diaper and try to deal with it himself. He had it on his hands, his pijamas, and all over himself. It was beyond wipes at that point so into the tub he went. Regardless of the mess I think that waking up to two happy young children is good for the soul. I felt a little tired yesterday, less from the regimin and more from having been out until 1:00 am the night before. I was thinking that this is the longest I have ever gone without eating meat. In fact I don't think there was ever a day where I didn't eat meat in my life other than in my infancy. Talk about breaking a long running pattern of behavior, a habit, an assumption. Other than breakfast I imagine meals with meat as the host and starch and veggies as the guests. This is a nice new perspective, don't know what I will do about it on day eight but it is worth thinking about, feeling about, knowing about. Words words words...

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