Saturday, December 20, 2003

The Tear Connection

I let people and things get to me. I was thinking that allergies are a good analogy of our reaction to the world. We become altered similar to being sick from contact with allergens. These allergens are just harmless things in the environment that our bodies decide are worth mounting an immune response to. We blame the cat, we blame the dust, we blame the pollen, but really it is our response to those things that is out of whack. We can consider our immune systems as an extension of our minds: they recognize, react, and remember. With that we can easily see that allergic responses are simply a form of paranoia; the result of excessively and erroneously abstracting all unknown or questionable input as bad. How do we fix our immune system misclassification problems? How do we tell them that they are causing undue misery? Maybe our immune systems have egos that they are dealing with too.

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