Thursday, December 11, 2003

Picture This

I was just reading through some of my old posts and thoroughly enjoying myself. I really like some of the titles I have come up with. The one that really rang my bell today is "The I of the Storm." I thought I came up with that one but after a quick google I have discovered that yet again I lack in true originality. I still like it though. So I have a car for the next month thanks to The West Coast. It will help me out in so many ways: Hunting for Christmas, gathering for food, and feeling the freedom. I just have to get over playing the role of consumerist petrochemical burner... Anyhoo. Neither my mother or my step-mother have replied to my appeals to reason and insight. I feel good today. I think yesterday's conflicts were a bit of an emotional catharsis for me. Listening to Coldplay on the ride home from my mother's last night really stirred up something that was already well shaken. I learned a few things about this thing I call me, and as a result about human nature in general. I just hope I didn't hurt anyone in the process. I can live with strained relations with my stepmother, but not with my mother. I don't think I have ever walked away from her on bad terms, until now. Sometimes the path of greatest resistance is the one with the most genuine rewards. Can this family become self aware? Can we all start working towards happiness rather than a picture of happiness? Makes me think of another Family Portrait. My dad really liked that one.

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